December can be the hardest month of the year to maintain healthy habits. Holiday parties, the change in temperature, the constant presence of goodies, the busyness of holiday preparations and gift buying can all make it difficult to stick to healthy routines. Below I have listed a number of healthy habits. I encourage you to pick three of these habits or make up your own healthy habits to focus on in the month of December. You can share your three picks in the comment section here or on my Facebook page wall. Research has demonstrated that sharing your health goals can help to keep you accountable and focusing on small changes in health habits can make a great difference.

Healthy Habits
Floss once a day
Brush 2 -3 times a day
Get 7 – 8 hours of rest each night
Stay hydrated throughout your day
Drink green tea daily
Take a multivitamin daily
Eat 5 – 9 fruits and veggies each day
Keep a food journal of everything you eat each day
Exercise portion control at holiday events
Perform weight resistance exercises 2 – 3 times per week
Do a cardio workout 3 – 6 times per week
Try a new workout class, dvd, or game
Stretch or perform simple yoga exercises for 5 – 10 minutes per day
Make medical appointments that you have been putting off
Park further away from the entrance to work or stores
Commit to sharing chores with family members to lighten your load
Decrease holiday stress this year with a decision to buy less or shop online

My three healthy commitments for this month are:
1. To stay hydrated throughout the day
2. To exercise portion control at holiday events
3. To get in 3 – 6 cardio workouts each week.

I found a great list of tools to help you meet your health goals. The list includes websites that can help track calories and health goals as well as fitness tools.

What are your three healthy commitments for the month of December? Do you have other ideas of healthy habits to share?