Teeth whitening is a very simple procedure that can produce remarkable results.  When you choose whitening in our office, we will take a quick impression of your teeth to make custom-molded trays.  The trays are worn with a whitening solution for 15 minutes a day for up to two weeks.  The solution comes with a rinse which removes residual whitening agent helping to alleviate teeth and gum sensitivity that are sometimes associated with whitening.  While over the counter whitening tray products have flooded the market, professional teeth whitening products provide a stronger whitening agent.  It is important to have your teeth and gums examined by a dentist to detect any problems that may cause greater sensitivity or difficulty with teeth whitening.

Personal habits like smoking, drinking wine, and eating certain foods can effect how long the whitening lasts.  Teeth whitening works on natural tooth enamel and will not whiten areas that may need new restorations like areas of decay, old fillings or crowns.  These areas can be treated with new restorations that will match the surrounding teeth that have been whitened.

Many patients have taken advantage of our Lifetime Whitening Program.  For an enrollment fee of half the usual cost of whitening your teeth once, we will make your custom-fit whitening trays and then give you new whitening gel at every recall appointment, as long as you remain a patient in good standing.  Ask about it the next time you are in the office or call today to make an appointment for whitening trays.