summertime dental tips
Handling Dental Emergencies

Kids and adults are more active during the summer which is wonderful for the body as a whole, but this increase in activity can lead to a higher incidence of dental injuries. Please watch this video of Dr. Logan explaining how to handle a dental emergency.


Skip the Sports Drink

Gatorades and other sports drinks have become a staple at every children’s sporting event, but are they needed? Not usually. Sports drinks have their place in replenishing lost electrolytes when competing in high heat, long endurance activities, but not as the beverage of choice for shorter, less sweaty sports. Please reference our blog titled Energy & Sports Drinks and Your Children’s Teeth for more information on the harmful effects these drinks can have on your teeth.


Sensitive Teeth

Ice cold drinks and ice cream treats can cause sensitive teeth to flare up during the summer months. If you are experiencing tooth sensitivity, there may be a simple solution to allow you to enjoy cold treats again. Make sure to tell us about any sensitivity you are experiencing at your next dental appointment or call us now to set up a time to discuss solutions for your tooth sensitivity.


Come See Us

Summer months often provide a lighter schedule, especially for families with school age children. Call us today to schedule your children’s dental checkups during this time. If your college age students are in town for the summer, remember to have them pay us a visit too. We have been seeing patients in our O’Fallon dentist office for almost 11 years now and it is so fun to watch our young dental patients grow up.