ofallon-dentist-e1334763868436When I was younger, I was embarrassed to smile. My teeth were overlapped and discolored. Recently, while looking through old pictures I wasn’t able to find many images of me smiling in middle school and high school because I was trying to hide my teeth. I was also trying to create the intimidating football and basketball player look, but that’s a different story.

Fortunately for me, I had a family friend, Dr. Jerry Fondren, who was a dentist. Around the time I was entering college, Dr. Fondren took care of me and gave me a smile that I am still proud of to this day. It was one of the best things I ever did for my self-esteem.  This was a very formative time in my life when I was trying to figure out what I wanted to major in and what career to pursue. It was quickly becoming obvious that my lifetime dream of becoming an NBA superstar might not come to fruition. Although, if you know of any NBA teams recruiting 40-something year old, 6’0” tall rookies, let me know. There’s still hope. Anyway, the care I was given in the dental chair and the impact it had on my life led me to become a dentist.

My wife Katie had a similar formative childhood experience that led her to become a dental hygienist after damaging her front teeth while riding a bicycle. Katie felt so well cared for by her dental office that she wanted to provide that same care as an adult.

My experience with insecurity over my smile and my wife’s experience with a dental emergency factor into the caring, calming, nonjudgmental environment I strive to create in my O’Fallon dentist office. We understand your fears and insecurities about your teeth and we want to help you have a healthy, beautiful smile that you are eager to share with others. Call us today at 636-561-5445 to see how we can help you achieve this goal.