What’s Halloween without the candy? You can enjoy your Halloween while not destroying your teeth. Plan to be extra vigilant about your family’s tooth care routine during the Halloween candy eating season. Make sure to floss and use an age appropriate dental fluoride rinse like Act during this time. The worst candy offenders to your teeth are sticky candies like caramel, candy corn, and taffy. Saliva is not able to wash these candies away as they stick tightly to your teeth. Another tip is to offer your children (and yourself) sugarless gum in place of some of the candy they wish to consume. Sugarless gum, especially those containing Xylitol, can be beneficial to your teeth by decreasing the amount of decay-causing bacteria in your mouth.

If you end up with a large amount of candy this year, consider donating some of it to your school or a local charity to use as treats throughout the year. Another idea for extra candy is to partner with several families and ship extra candy along with a care package to a soldier overseas (just don’t send chocolates or anything that would melt).