We had a great time at our first annual Halloween Candy Buy Back Event on November 2nd.  Several area news stations had highlighted the efforts of the national organization and where to find information about local participating dentists. This allowed us to see many new people who came to donate candy, along with many of our current patients. Children brought in big bags full of candy and decorated cards to be sent along with the candy to United States’ military personnel serving overseas.

Making cards for the troops at the O’Fallon dental office Halloween Candy Buy Back event

Not surprisingly, many of the participants had family members who were currently serving in the United States’ military.  We heard stories of a brother returning from active duty this week and an uncle who is leaving later this month to begin serving in another country.  Everyone recounted that letters from home and care packages really serve as great encouragement to those members of the military who are serving overseas.  A couple of the children demonstrated an extra dose of care by deciding to donate their candy instead of take the monetary reward.

Children holding goody bags at Dr. Edward Logan’s Halloween Candy Buy Back Event

If you would like more information about the wonderful organization who will be receiving all of the candy we purchased, you can visit Operation Gratitude’s website.