While tooth extractions are the last resort, there are times that an extraction becomes necessary. The following situations may result in the need for an extraction:

  • Crowding of teeth that cannot be corrected by orthodontic treatment alone
  • Trauma to the mouth,
  • Gum disease in which the surrounding tissue and bone structure is affected,
  • Deep cracks or breaks in a tooth,
  • Abscessed tooth,
  • Issues with wisdom tooth eruption and
  • Severe tooth decay.

We understand that patients are apprehensive of dental extractions and our entire staff is dedicated to enhancing your comfort level and providing a quick, pain-free procedure. Before the extraction, we will use a local anesthetic to completely numb the area and we offer nitrous oxide for patients who request it.

Our O’Fallon dental office also offers dentures and dental implants to replace missing and extracted teeth. Call 636-561-5445 today to schedule your extraction or learn more about our office.