Dentist in O'Fallon MO

O'Fallon dentist Dr. Edward Logan uses digital x-rays.

We have been using digital dental x-rays for years at our O’Fallon dental office. We find that they provide the following wonderful benefits:

  • Zero to Low Radiation – Our digital x-ray system is evaluated each year and has been shown to emit no detectable radiation.
  • Comfort – The x-ray sensor provides for a more comfortable x-ray experience.
  • Speed – Digital x-rays are immediately available and do not require any wait time for development.
  • High Quality Images – Digital images are often better quality than traditional x-rays and can be manipulated to enhance the clarity of the image.
  • Patient’s View – Patients are better able to see their digital x-rays when magnified on a computer screen. This gives the patient a concrete visualization of what is developing in their mouth.